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BIODOMEK 2C - 35m2 - ready-made, ecological, year-round modular home with a mezzanine. Timber frame construction, energy-efficient, passive standard, sloping roof, mezzanine or attic.

Discover Biodomek 2C - 35m2 - our cozy, warm, and forest-scented starter home. This cottage has been designed in every detail to ensure its not-too-large interior is comfortable and convenient. It's the perfect solution for a single person, a couple, or a small family to create their dream natural haven. Inside, you will find a spacious living room with a dining area and kitchen, a bathroom, a vestibule or a bedroom on the ground floor, and a mezzanine with additional space for sleeping and working. The whole is complemented by a minimalist structure in the style of a modern barn, and a wooden facade with large glazing that enlarges the interior and provides continuous contact with nature and the surroundings. Biodomek 2C is your natural sanctuary.

BIODOMEK 2C - two modules + roof:

  • Building area: 35m2

  • Usable area: 37m2

  • External dimensions: 6.44mx5.44m

  • Roof angle: 45 degrees

  • Number of rooms: 1+mezzanine, 2+mezzanine

  • Number of permanent users: 2-3

  • Number of sleeping places: 2-6

  • Intended use: Single-family residential building, year-round, summer house, office

Biodomek 2C is the perfect cottage for a single person or a couple just starting out. It will provide you with comfort and convenience. It is also an ideal solution for a small office, a place for workshops, or as a seasonal rental property. Remember, if your needs increase over time, you can always expand it with an additional module.

The prefabrication of the cottage takes approximately 4-6 months from the moment the contract is signed and the deposit is paid. The assembly on the investment plot takes 1-5 days. In addition to ready-made designs, we have the ability to adapt the layout and shape to the individual needs of the client, both functional and aesthetic. Our ecological wooden house is not only environmentally friendly but also ready to move into just 120 days from the time of ordering.


PRICE - The BIODOMEK 2C - 35m2 in the SHELL AND CORE PLUS state without foundations starts from 46 127 EUR net in semi-eco technology.


Biodomek_4C_1_70m2_2023_dom_modulowy_drewniany_fot_Torbus_ (12).jpg

Why choose the ecological modular home BIODOMEK SYSTEM?

BIODOMEK is primarily an eco-friendly modular home designed for expansion. We build homes from ready-made modules in a developer's finish, which means that assembly on-site is quick and not stressful for investors. Thanks to the modular construction, all elements are precisely prepared in our factory, ensuring rapid implementation and excellent quality of workmanship. The Biodomek System stands for swift construction. We are leaders in ecological, natural timber frame construction; trust our experience.

BIODOMEK 2C is also a low-energy, passive house that allows for significant savings in operating costs. The monthly maintenance costs are considerably lower compared to traditional masonry houses. Good insulation with eco-friendly material minimizes heat loss while ensuring maximum living comfort. Biodomek stands for ecology and health. Our homes are built from C24 certified timber, and we use natural, high-quality materials for finishes that are health-friendly and environmentally safe.

Choosing Biodomek, you can count on the support of our architects at every stage, and our contractors will discuss with you the details of color schemes and the location of installation elements. You can use our ready-made, standard designs, which we will gladly adapt to your needs, or commission us to create a custom design.

Standard specification includes:

  • The main structure of the building made from C24 certified timber, insulated to passive or energy-saving standards with eco-friendly cellulose insulation Vestaeco FIBRA (eco technology, straw fibers, strawbale infill) or rock wool (semi-eco technology), with a minimum insulation thickness of 20cm. The partitions are healthy, diffusion-open, and warm. Thermal insulation of partitions in semi-eco technology is U=0.13-0.15, in eco technology U for walls =0.18, roof and floor U=0.15.

  • Externally finished: facade with natural boards painted in any color with non-toxic water-based paints or oiled, roof finished with standing seam metal or EPDM membrane (for flat roofs), highly energy-efficient PVC window joinery (triple chamber package), steel external doors, gutters and sheet metal fittings, glass canopy over the entrance.

  • Internally in a state ready for final finishing: external and internal partitions (partition walls) finished with Farmacell boards (Eco technology) or gypsum boards (Semi eco technology) prepared for final plastering and painting, with the option to apply clay plaster (e.g., thin-layer clay plaster Costka) on Farmacell boards.

  • Plumbing and electrical installations without devices, with points and boxes extended. There is the possibility of distributing cables for alarm systems and preparing a cable for the installation of photovoltaics on the roof.

  • Electric heating (in the form of infrared mats or convection radiators to choose from), electric water heater, and wall ventilation with heat recovery/humidity-controlled. There is an option to construct a steel chimney and prepare passages for a fireplace or stove and, for an additional charge, the installation of air conditioning with a heating function (air-to-air heat pump).

Video of the completed Biodomek 2C with a black facade and large glazing – 35m2

Would you like to learn more about BIODOMEK 2C or place an order? Contact us! We are at your disposal to answer all your questions and assist in making your dream of a natural, healthy home a reality.


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