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We offer the construction of Biodomek homes in the Shell and Core PLUS state. Take a look at our offer to see exactly what is included in this type of construction. Upon the client's request, we can also build homes in a rough state or a closed rough state, or without installations.

  • Wooden structure made from natural, durable, certified C24 wood, finished internally with wooden MFP / eco OSB panels (free of harmful formaldehyde),

  • Ventilated facade made from natural boards, painted in any color with non-toxic water-based paints, oil, or charred,

  • Healthy and ecological insulation of walls, floors, and roofs in highly energy-efficient standards (rock wool or strawbale infill), Thermal transmittance coefficient of all external partitions U=0.13-0,15 W/m2K (walls in the eco system U=0.18 W/m2K),

  • Internal partition walls with wooden frame construction, filled with ecological sound insulation,

  • Finished roof - EPDM roof membrane with flashing or metal sheet / metal roof tiles (sloping roof) with drainage,

  • External metal doors with anti-burglary fittings and handles,

  • High-quality triple-chamber, energy-efficient PVC windows (U=0.81), filled with argon gas with a warm frame,

  • Sealing - sealing tapes and membranes (ensuring building tightness),

  • Internal water and sewage installations without fixtures,

  • Electrical installations with junction boxes certified for wooden construction, ready for installing lamps, sockets, and switches,

  • Healthy hygroscopic ventilation AERECO or wall-mounted heat recovery systems,

  • Ready heating installation with heating mats or optional convection radiators, infrared panels,

  • Electric water heater,

  • Roof over the entrance,

  • Upon request, we can install:  a chimney prepared for a fireplace or stove, Air conditioning with heating (air-to-air heat pump).

  • Warranty for the wooden structure - 5 years

  • Warranty for hidden defects - 2 years

  • Warranty for EPDM membrane (roof covering) - 3 years for sealing (excluding mechanical damage)

  • Warranty for window and door joinery - 2 years, coatings - 3 years, glass and fittings - 3 years (excluding mechanical damage; wooden joinery requires maintenance according to the warranty card).

  • We are happy to adjust the design to your individual requirements. Changes to the project cost 250 euros for each individual change, and a one-time license fee is 1050 euros. For buildings that require a building permit, we can provide drawings in DWG format to your architect.

  • The delivery time is approximately 3-6 months, depending on the size of the cottage, starting from the moment of signing the construction contract with the contractor and making the advance payment. We handle both individual orders and larger-scale projects, including a larger quantity of cottages and modules. Payments for the construction of cottages are spread over 3-5 installments. At each stage, the client can visit our factory to check the progress of the work and discuss any details in the manufactured house.

  • The on-site installation takes 1-7 days.

  • Biodomek can be delivered outside of our country in two ways:

  • With the Polish price + 5% (For European warranty on the main structure) - in this case, Biodomeks should be collected from the factory in Krakow or Bydgoszcz using your own or contracted transport. When crossing the border, the Polish warranty for windows and other components becomes invalid. The warranty for the main structure remains in effect.

  • With a full European warranty - in this case, the prices in the table should be increased by: 15% for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, 30% for Germany, France, Austria, Italy, and Scandinavian countries, and 35% for Switzerland.

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