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Ecological modular technology

The Biodomek system is a widely acclaimed project for its innovation and ecological, healthy solutions. Ecology and concern for the quality of the indoor environment of buildings are very important to us, making the home healthy for both us and the environment. Our system also stands out for the standard of materials used, quality of finishing, large windows, modern design, and the option of removable foundations. That's why one of our houses was featured on "Nieoczywiste Miejsca" (Unobvious Places) on HGTV. See what makes Biodomeks so cool.


Biodomeks are primarily high-quality, natural, and healthy modular houses with large windows. Our houses are suitable for year-round use and are highly energy-efficient (meeting the requirements for passive residential and recreational buildings, as well as small office buildings, U=0.13 [W/m²K]). They are constructed using certified materials, such as C24 certified wood and highly energy-efficient windows U=0,81 with a manufacturer's guarantee.

We offer Biodomeks in two technologies: EKO and SEMIEKO.

In both technologies, the main structure of the houses is made from certified C24 wood. The walls are filled with super acoustic and thermal insulation made from straw cellulose in the EKO technology (a warm, natural material, straw bales, which are easily biodegradable) or high-quality rock wool in the SEMIEKO technology. External wall finishing consists of natural wooden planks painted in any color with non-toxic water-based paints or oils or charred wood. The interior finishing is done with environmentally friendly Farmacell boards (in the EKO technology) or GK boards (in the SEMIEKO technology). We seal the houses with insulation tapes designed for wooden construction and membranes (in the SEMIEKO technology) or windproof fiberboard panels (in the EKO technology).

As a result, Biodomeks are breathable (natural), free of moisture, warm, cost-effective to maintain, and durable (such a house will not crack, separate, or have drafts from windows). We pay great attention to the tightness and proper construction of partitions so that they are diffusion-open, breathe, but without drying out the interior. This makes such a house much warmer and more comfortable to live in than a brick house covered with non-breathable polystyrene.

We have years of expertise in natural, healthy architecture, and ecology, which you can verify on

It is better to build one solid house than a cheap one that needs constant repairs and parts replacement, creating waste. Natural and ecological materials not only result in less waste during use but also, more importantly, during production. Prefabrication also results in fewer waste products throughout the production process. And if we do end up with waste, it can be easily composted or processed because natural materials are biodegradable. Quality and durability are also more environmentally friendly, which is why we focus on robust solutions.


An additional advantage of our system is the speed of assembly. We designed our modules to be transportable on a regular low-floor trailer when in the Shell and core plus state. Therefore, construction on your plot takes a very short time and is not engaging or stressful for you. We can install the house on your plot in 1-7 days! Prefabrication in the factory takes about 3-6 months, depending on the size of the house. At every stage of production, you can visit us and check how the construction of your house is progressing, and discuss all the details on-site at the factory.

Importantly, our system is designed so that Biodomeks can be easily expanded by adding additional modules over time. This provides a more flexible approach to home construction, allowing for expansion based on needs and budget. A flat-roofed Biodomek can also be reduced in size by moving an unnecessary module to a new location.

With our houses, we recommend detachable screw-in point foundations that do not damage the ground and allow the soil to breathe. This allows flat-roofed Biodomeks to be easily disassembled and placed in a different location. Elevating the building above the ground helps to dry the structure, making the house even more durable.

Different types of foundations can also be used with Biodomeks. You will receive drawings of typical foundations in four options (screw-in foundations, concrete point foundations, slabs, with a basement) free of charge upon signing a construction agreement with us. You will also receive drawings for a simplified application for an individual recreational house (35-70m2) at no additional cost.

We can customize the design of the house to your individual needs. We have also developed several typical projects that optimally utilize our technology and transportation. Our architects provide design assistance in obtaining all necessary permits and approvals to legally build a Biodomek on your plot.

We have many satisfied customers and are delighted to offer you a high-quality, cozy, warm, and healthy Biodomek.

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