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BIODOMEK MOBI - 15m2 - ready, year-round, ecological mobile living trailer of the Tinyhouse type. It's your mobile mini home. Wooden frame construction, flat roof, wooden facade in any color.

Welcome to the world of BIODOMEK MOBI - our mobile tiny house on wheels, which is synonymous with eco-friendly living in harmony with nature. BIODOMEK MOBI is not just your new portable four walls; it is a thoughtfully designed, functional space created with love, offering the warmth of a home wherever you desire. Our houses, made from high-quality environmentally friendly materials, guarantee durability and a healthy atmosphere without toxic substances. By embracing the philosophy of 'tiny living,' you choose a life full of conscious decisions, saving space and the natural riches of our planet.



- Powierzchnia zewnętrzna: 15m2

- Powierzchnia użytkowa: 18m2

- Wymiary zewnętrzne: 2,5mx6,06m

- Kat dachu: dach płaski

- Ilość pokoi: 1,5

- Ilość stałych użytkowników: 1-2

- Ilość miejsc noclegowych: 1-3

- Przeznaczenie:  Dom letniskowy, biuro 

Biodomek  MOBI to mieszkalna przyczepa  zbudowana z naturalnych materiałów, w szkielecie drewnianym z wypełnieniem izolacją ze słomy (strawbale) lub wysokiej klasy wełny skalnej. Jest to super opcja dla singla i pary, którzy prowadza dynamiczny styl życia.  Oprócz kuchni, łazienki i salonu mamy tutaj sypialną antresolę. Zabierz swój domek ze sobą tam gdzie Cię serce poniesie.   

The prefabrication of the mobile tiny house takes approximately 4-6 months from the moment of signing the contract and making the deposit.


The price of BIODOMEK MOBI - 15m2 in the developer's state PLUS without a chassis starts at 20 976 EUR net in the semi-eco technology.


Biodomek_4C_1_70m2_2023_dom_modulowy_drewniany_fot_Torbus_ (12).jpg

Why choose an eco-friendly modular mini house on wheels - BIODOMEK MOBI?

BIODOMEK MOBI is, above all, an eco-friendly mobile trailer, a mini house on wheels that you can take with you anywhere. Thanks to its modular construction, all elements are precisely prepared in our factory, guaranteeing speed of execution and excellent quality. Biodomek System offers fast construction. We are leaders in eco-friendly, natural frame construction, so trust our experience.

Biodomek means ecology and health. We build our homes with certified C24 wood, and for finishing, we use high-quality natural materials that are user and environmentally friendly.

By choosing Biodomek, you can count on the assistance of our architects at every stage, and our contractors will coordinate the color details and location of installation elements with you. You can use our ready-made, typical projects that we will gladly adapt to your needs, or you can commission us to create a custom design.

Standard specification includes:

  • The main structure of the building is made of certified C24 wood, insulated with ecological insulation made of Vestaeco FIBRA cellulose (eco technology, strawbale infill) or rock wool (semi-eco technology), with a minimum insulation thickness of 15cm. The partitions are healthy, open diffusively, and warm.

  • Finished from the outside: elevation made of natural boards painted in any color with non-toxic water-based paints or oiled, roof finished with ribbed sheet metal or EPDM membrane (for flat roofs), PVC windows, steel external doors, guttering, and sheet metal work.

  • Inside, it is ready for final finishing: external and internal partitions (partition walls) finished with cladding.

  • Water and sewage installations and electrical installations without the installation of devices, with outlets and junction boxes. There is the possibility of laying cables for alarm systems and preparing a cable for the installation of photovoltaics on the roof.

  • Electric heating (in the form of infrared mats or convection radiators of your choice), an electric water heater, and wall ventilation with heat recovery / humidity-controlled. There is the possibility of building a steel chimney and preparing passages for a chimney or stove, and for an additional fee, the installation of air conditioning with heating function (air-to-air heat pump).


Would you like to learn more about BIODOMEK MOBI or place an order? Contact us! We are at your disposal to answer all your questions and assist in making your dream of a natural, healthy home a reality.



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